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Malwarebytes is considered as best free antivirus which protects the windows from dangerous viruses. By using such ant viruses, one can easily make their device clean and safe for smoother running. Such viruses block the windows and damages other software’s of device from which a person cannot start the windows. So it is essential to remove the entire virus from PC or laptop for smoother working. One doesn’t need to take more stress and tension about how to get this antivirus. More of sites are available online which enables a person to install free best antivirus.

But when a person realizes that various sites are available which offers such types of antivirus, he/she gets confused for choosing the right one. Many sites include hidden charges from which you can lose your money. To avoid such fake websites, it is essential to consider some things. Here we go with discussing some good points which help you a lot:-


Going with online reviews helps a lot for the person who needs to make a perfect and quick selection. It helps you to compare the different sites terms, conditions and installation charges. With that one can easily save their money, time and efforts by getting free Malwarebytes software. One can easily search the reviews of much software online and can know the ratings.


Getting recommendations from friends, families and the public helps a person to explore more ideas about downloading the perfect antivirus. It allows them to get suggestions from other people about the best site to install Malwarebytes.

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Best alternatives of Malwarebytes

Many options are available online to Malwarebytes which is one of the best free ant viruses. If one doesn’t get satisfied with this software to remove the virus, then he/she can better go with other alternatives. Here is the list of best free alternatives of Malwarebytes:-

AVZ antivirus toolkit


  1. More settings and usability
  2. PC and web protection with anti-scan system
  3. Additional tools for a quick scan


  1. No pause option available
  2. You cannot exports the reports
  3. An only a single language is available.

Hitman pro


  1. It helps to detect big malware files and remove them
  2. Considered a portable application
  3. Get free trial for a maximum of 30 days


  1. Cannot stop the scan as no pause option is available
  2. Such inconveniences
  3. Low technical support or network issues

Comodo antivirus


  1. Free utility, no issue of ads and hidden charges
  2. Great detection feature
  3. Pause/stop button is available


  1. Fake alarms
  2. Interfere with other software’s
  3. Such poor tools

X-virus anti-malware


  1. No cost
  2. Real-time protection
  3. Auto mode feature is available


  1. Few languages
  2. No popup alarms
  3. No advanced mode

Zemana antimalware


  1. Optimized features and lightweight
  2. Quick scan option is available
  3. Work without traces


  1. Poor malware detection
  2. Inconvenient interface
  3. Lengthy scanning process
  4. Takes a long time to scan

So, these are some Alternatives to the Malwarebytes and their pros and cons. For more detailed information about them we recommend you to click on the following source.