Chapters Interactive Stories Cheats – A Complete Guide


We came across with many gamer’s comments about the game and routed our extensive search of chapters interactive stories cheats to get the game currencies. We want to share all that we found in this article. But before that what we realized that without proper info about the various kind of currencies, it is obvious to lose some premium currencies.

Premium currency is that element of the game which controls the main micro-economy, and you require them while purchasing the auxiliary items of the game. Honestly speaking if you have enough premium game currency, you can move ahead with some added benefit. However, it is not inevitable to have chapters interactive stories hack in the game as the developers keep a path of free play.  However, that may not be as easy or as interesting as playing the game with additional purchases.

In chapters interactive stories, two types of currencies are required, tickets and diamonds. The best part of the game is tickets are auto-renewed. But speaking of diamonds, they are a hard nut to crack. Tickets in the game unlock new chapters in the storyline, but diamonds are like salt and pepper without them your stories are tasteless. .meaning, if you want a story with a desirable ending than they lived happily ever after, diamonds are required to be spent in it. Many gamers are in search of chapters interactive stories cheats for a reason mentioned above.

Review of other chapters interactive stories cheats available?

Searching through the internet, we found the first thing that is the cheat code. These sites are promising that all these cheat codes can unlock the in-app purchase in the game. Fair enough, that is an excellent way to get unlimited resources. But digging deep, we tried to find a way of this chapters interactive stories hack. Sites say that the cheat codes need to be entered in the game, although extensive search did not reveal where to enter these codes. The reason is there are no cheat codes that act in chapters. These sites fool us with some random numbers.

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What is Chapters hack apk

Chapters Cheats

You must have heard about chapters hack apk files and desire that playing through them can unlock a few diamonds and coins. There may be alteration in an apk file offline. But when it comes online, the game gets synchronised with the server, and all efforts fail.

What are chapters mod apk files

Chapters mod apk are also another form of the game file you will get. It is called to be modified, and you get many resources in it. But due to the same reasons explained above mod files are also not an effective one for online games. Also, many of these chapters mod apk contain malware.

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Is there any chapters interactive stories cheats available that works

We have tested all kinds of Chapters interactive stories cheats that are available on the internet. After that, we concluded that only a few methods give a handful of coins in the game. We have already mentioned these methods to you. And finally, we reveal our chapters interactive stories hack in the game to play chapters.

Here are some legit chapters interactive stories hack that we found to earn some diamonds:

Daily login

A common platform to encourage you every morning to come back and log in the game regularly is the daily bonuses. You get one diamond every day with daily login.

Be an active player

When someone has to earn the diamonds consistently, then the best method he or she has to adopt is to remain active mostly in the game. Many gamers formidably overlook this prime factor and remain unaware of the various challenges that are set frequently in the game. Winning such challenges rewards diamonds.

Facebook connect.

An adaptive method of advertising through social media is taken up by most of the developers, and the Facebook connection is that true way. In return, you are awarded a hefty amount of premium diamonds that are good to go at the beginning. However, unlike many other developers’ NEKKI do not pester much to connect with Facebook, and as a result, many gamers remain in the dark about these Chapters interactive stories cheats.

Invitation to friends

For the apparent reason of creating a buzz among friends and groups, you can poke your friends through inviting them to play the game. But one good aspect Chapters interactive stories doesn’t send an invitation now and then.

You can get diamonds as rewards for sending an invitation as well.

Complete chapters

When you complete more and more part in the game and progress through various chapters, you can get a complimentary gift of diamonds.

It is to be understood that the prime focus of the developers to create a path of storytelling through an interactive game. So the more you play, the more diamonds you earn.

Final call

Like you, we know the importance of the game resources for chapters, and as a result, we made all the above research. When you are at the end of your tether on how to hack Chapters, there is desperation to search all the possible methods. But it is not a good practice then to exploit gamers desire through fake chapters interactive stories cheats that is spreading all over the sites.

In this article, we tried to explain to you all these sites and finally it is your call. Either you can go for these trials again or trust the chapters interactive stories hack that is mentioned above. In my opinion, the latter is more comfortable.