Coin Master Gameplay Tactics – Advanced Version

The Coin Master is not any button masher nor a critical game. You can play the game with easy-going mode if you know some advanced tips. We have gathered these tips playing a lot of coin master gameplay, and we present them for you in this post.

coin master gameplay guide

Spend your coins immediately in village construction

Once your coin bank is increased, we suggest you spend it as quickly and efficiently as possible. It reduces the chance of being stolen. The more cash you keep in your coin meter you will be robbed more frequently. Even there is a chance that when you are playing the game, you will get a notification.

The best tip is watching the village notification button. As soon as you see one notification, you know that your coin is sufficient to buy one element for the village. Immediately spend it and then play again.

Never take rest when your village is not completed.

You shouldn’t take a pause from the match for a few days in the centre of the village building completion. As you can raid others, others can raid your village also. Your shield can protect you from three attacks only after that your village is exposed to destruction.

This way, a lot of individuals will attack you, and you will lose your village. People will come numerous times to attack you. As your construction is destroyed, you have to spend coins again to fix these elements. Complete a village before a break. Do not make any new building to attack and destroy it.

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Do not use your spins immediately in every hour.

Coin master spin meter fills in every hour, and you get one spin every twelve minutes.

But it will create no distinction if you use them instantly. When using the spins, you don’t feel jumpy. Use them when a decent amount is gathered. If you spin once an hour, it’s a complete waste. A small or insignificant sum of money is gained that is good for nothing. It is not possible to purchase or construct a village. All your money will go in raid and loot by other players.

So we always tell you to wait for some time to gather at least twenty-five spins so that you can get a decent amount of coin which is sufficient to construct one structure. Else, using a legit coin master free coins hack is another option to get coins in bulk instantly for you.

Always feed your pet

Remember always to supply your animal when an attack is possible. You can explore only three places in an ordinary attack, but you can reach the four areas with a dog. The energy generated by the meal is kept for 4 hours. Before contemplating feeding your animal, have a nice amount of turns. It guarantees a’ perfect raid ‘ chance.

Pet food can only be purchased through money. But if you play the game for a long time, random gifts are given to you, and that includes pet food as well.

Also, you should upgrade your pets with XP so that their attacking power increases. Taking part in events is an excellent way to collect XPs from it.

Wrap up

All the above coin master cheats are useful in making a change in your gameplay. If you follow them cautiously, you can pass the levels quickly and earn a lot of coins and spins as well.