Everything about Microsoft office word and its alternatives

Microsoft office is the software which is situated in every computer and come in use for doing the documentation for the office working. Previously, the documents can be accessed, but the accessing get done when it will go through the word, excel and other software by tapping on as much button as it is possible in the open menu. In the menu, when the file gets located from the users, then it will get accessed. But now in IOS users can directly open the file by locating the document from the appropriate documents.

The Microsoft developed this office software, and along with this, they have developed other software also such as word, excel, power points and others too.¬† These are the basic application os this office software. There are many people who do not feel satisfied with Microsoft software. So if you are also one of them, don’t worry. In below mentioned paragraphs there are few alternatives mentioned, so if someone is interested they can use any one which they want to.

SoftMaker Free Office

It is the software which is free in using as mentioned in its name also. The software has great features to use which supports the Microsoft formats also. It has the PDF reader also. It is the software which extremely useful and have lots of benefits also, but as everything has some pros and cons too, it also has a problem. There is no thesaurus. The software provides analogs for the Microsoft word and excels too. The software also supports effortless conversations too.


It is also great software which can come in use for everyone as it is the open source software. It is more than an office suite. It is a full cloud desktop which puts in the browser directly. The software has key components which the libreoffice is having. Along with this, the software includes Photoshop-esque image editor GIMP and cloud storage by Seafile. It is not done here; the software supports all the formats.

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Zoho workplace

This software is the complete solution of SMB and individuals alike. It is great software in its own way and extremely close to the desktop office package also. The new look of this zoho workplace is presented in a better manner which is having the audacity to produce pro looking documents also. The software contains the powerful site creation tool and many other tools also. The one problem arise in the software is that it can get daunting at the time.

Wrap up

Office software is extremely important for computers and other devices. It is not compulsory to install Microsoft office software. If someone is interested in other software, then they can adopt that also for their working. All it depends on their system’s suitability and their own wish for making the selection. There is different software available. So make sure that when it comes to making the selection for your software, first match its suitability with the system. If you need more information about Microsoft office alternatives and their features, checkout the following reference.

Reference: https://impactresearch.org/microsoft-office-alternatives/