How to Earn Free Gold StarCoins Diamonds in Creative Destruction Game

Are you trying to earn more currencies in Creative Destruction Game faster? Don’t want to spend real money on in-game currencies? Don’t panic! In order to solve all quires here, we are going to discuss some useful ways to earn currencies in the proper amount.

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Maintaining all currencies is necessary for those users who need to progress faster besides to enjoy the game more. Although it is not an easy task for users to earn all currencies without wasting efforts, also it is not impossible.

Some of the game tasks as well as levels make it possible to perform this job. But before we start with ways to earn currencies, let’s have a quick review of the game once.

Creative Destruction is a brand new sandbox survival game introduced for Android as well as iOS devices. There is no need to pay any cent for playing the game, but some of the game items are purchasable intently.

Gamers need to update their Avatar, which represents the entire role in Creative Destruction game or though with the game can play.

Top Ways to Earn Free Currency in Creative Destruction Game

Note- There are Three Main Kinds of Currencies Used in Creative Destruction Game Namely-

  • Gold coins
  • Star coins
  • Diamonds
  • Daily challenges

Don’t forget to complete daily challenges first, which offers a limited amount of currencies as well as different types of rewards. It is considered as the best way to earn in-game currencies in daily routine without getting stressed.

In the game, various daily tasks are available which users need to complete for making all currencies.

  • Daily Login Rewards

Either player doesn’t have more time to play the game, but they are suggested to login in the game daily. It is considered as another best as well as easiest way to earn in-game currencies. When you go to login in the game daily, you can make lots of free rewards, including coins.

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  • Complete The Missions

The primary way to earn in-game currencies is to play different missions besides win. Winning missions is the most excellent way to earn coins also diamonds in a superb amount. There are different game modes available in Creative Destruction in which you can complete missions. It is simple that you just need to complete the tasks for earning currencies.

  • Connect with Facebook

The simplest, as well as a free way to earn currencies, is to connect the game account with Facebook. There is no need to pay any cent for connecting the account with Facebook as it is a free job. Either the amount of coins is low with this task, but it is sufficient enough to collect more.

  • Build Your Team

Playing with a mighty team allows you to obtain free bonuses, rewards, and coins. When you make your team and go on surviving, then you’ll able to collect coins as much as possible. Along with all these ways you can also find a great source of information related to creative destruction hack and cheats.


With the help of the information mentioned above, we can easily conclude that maintaining all in-game currencies is necessary for players. It allows them to purchase in-game items that also perform every task smoothly.