MangaPanda alternatives: 6 sites to make you closer to your favourite Manga characters

There always has been a lot of discussion about where to watch Manga. When it comes to watching Manga online, then MangaPanda is the most preferred site. But the site has started troubling the users to watch it because of the lack of content. So here I am to tell you some alternative sites on which you can watch it without any interruption.

This website is a bundle of unlimited Manga and cartoons. All you need to do is switch to your browser, open the website and start watching. This site works just like MangaPanda. For all the animation and graphics lover, this is a complete package.

This website is famous for its easy access and quality videos. To watch on this site, you need to disable the ad-block, or it would not work on your browser. This site is top-rated among the users and known as ‘read manga today’. You will find a complete list of all the previously released episodes which helps a lot to people watching for the first time.

It is also an alternate to MangaPanda where you can watch all the Manga for free. All the episodes on this website are basically in English, which makes it easy to access by foreign users.  However, there are some Chinese and Korean genres also available, which are why it is prevalent among users.


It is another alternate site to MangaPanda which lets the users watch Manga for free.  This website enables you to view all the episodes of Manga which are arranged alphabetically. To make it more user-friendly, it shows the new releases on the homepage so that the users can instantly watch the Manga.  It is a go-to site for so many users who want quick access and a wide range of Manga.

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Just like all other websites, it also contains a free wide range of Manga.  From new ones to the old ones, you will find everything here. There is not even a single episode that you cannot find on this site. This site has more than 10000 manga, which can make you fall in love with the Manga world.  It provides both Japanese and English versions, which make it easy for a foreign audience.


When it is about Manga, no one can leave this site aside. It contains a most viewed column where you can see the most preferred Manga. It is also a free site having thousand of Manga. The unique feature about this site is it contains a genre option also, by clicking that you can choose which genre you want to watch.


Manga lovers are always in a hunt for free and legal sites where they can watch it without getting into any trouble. So here we have provided you with the whole list of places where you can watch endless Manga without any interruption. If you need much deep information about the best alternatives to the mangapanda, then we strongly suggest you to explore the following reference.

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