Marvel COC Currency Guide

marvel coc currency guide

Marvel contest of champions is an engaging game and played through various quest modes. The game is an RPG game and requires in-game currency to get many items. In this guide, we will explain the different game currencies.


Units are the premium currency of the game and have the ability to purchase almost everything. As it is a premium currency, it is also hard to obtain. In-app purchase is an easy way to get unlimited units of the game. But if you want to play free, also there are a few options in the reward system.


Crystals are objects in the game that is used to get assets in the game, including Money, Units, Champions Battle Chips, and others. With the use of Crystal Shards, crystals can also be made. Crystal Shard Crystals, however, offer fewer points than regular Crystals to Alliance Events.

There are 42 types of crystals in the game and therefore are complex to understand. However, we would recommend knowing the marvel coc hack for crystals that will give you a significant number of crystals in the game.

Daily Crystals:

Every 24 hour, you will get a yellow crystal as a daily reward. You can get 1-3 star heroes or catalyst through the use of this crystal. There is also a minimum chance of getting Units through this crystal.

Free Crystal

One green crystal is obtained every four hours. It grants you mostly the consumables for healing heroes in the game.

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Quest Crystals

Completed quests will deliver you with violet crystals that yield a range of rewards.

Premium Hero Crystal

The Premium Hero crystals of the game can only be bought by units that guarantee you a 2-star rated hero and the chance to get stronger champions. To get Premium hero crystal, you have to spend 00 Units. It can also be collected using 2000 Premium Hero Crystal Shards.

Alliance Crystal

You can collect alliance crystal when you are part of an alliance. It can either be obtained through Alliance crystal shards or Alliance loyalty. You will require 1000 Alliance Loyalty to get one Alliance Crystal. The limitation is you can get only one every day.

Arena Crystal

Arena Crystals are obtained in exchange of 2000 Battle Chips. You get a rare opportunity to get a 3-4 star Punisher through the Arena Crystal.

Uncollected Arena Crystal

Apart from Arena crystal, there is another category, and that is Uncollected Arena Crystal. It can also be purchased through 10,000 Battle Chips. However, through it, you have an enhanced chance to obtain 4-5 Star Champions.

Versus crystals

Online player quick Matches can award you versus crystals. Such crystals are transformed into either Gold or Battle Chips. Further, it can be used to get an Arena Crystal. If you’re fortunate enough, it’s possible that using an Arena Crystal will give you a 4-Star rated hero.


Now, as you know the above category of crystals, it is sufficient to cover the maximum part of the gameplay. However, as we mentioned, there are a rare variety of crystals that are obtained in various rewards.