Runescape 3 Tips & Tricks To Boost Your Stats

Runescape Tips and Tricks

For all the RPG lovers out there, Runescape 3 has got to be on your list of most admired and classic collections. The Old School Runescape has had a whole lot of amazing reviews because of its unique gameplay and a slow yet steady pace. So, in this article, we have decided to gift you with 5 awesome tricks for acing your ranking in Runescape 3.

 Best of Tips and Tricks For Runescape Game

  1. Buy the Runes pouch – You can buy it from the clan exchange or the bounty hunter reward shop that lets you store up to 3 types of Runes. If you add law runes, air runes, and either water or fire runes, you can have a quick teleport option, which you can equip in your ‘equipments’ section or leave it in your inventory. You can also use this item to save inventory slots.
  2. Resourceful aura – It’s a very underutilized aura but it can be really useful if you’re someone who likes to do your daily sandstone. This aura makes sure that you have 10% more resources for sandstone and trees, and thus it can make you gain additional profits when you’re doing a red-stone or crystal sandstone. This aura has also been updated since the mining and smithing rework to give a 2% chance to get a geode when mining, so if your quarry master auras are on cooldown this is not a bad option to use in that scenario.

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  1. Ooglog pools – If you’ve completed the quests at your first resort, you can access the Oo’glog pools which are very helpful in certain scenarios. The thermal pools are even more useful, as it increases your health by a flat 3%, and if you stack this with the tips to maximize your health bonus in the first episode, you can really boost your health to an absurdly high number, which makes you a lot harder to be killed.
  2. Leave the bank without losing Life Points – It’s a neat HP trick that you can use at the bank by turning on the fortitude and eat a  rock tail, or a rock tail soup, or a shellfish or a shellfish soup, and then log out afterwards. Once you do this and log on, you are free to leave the bank without having lost any life points. Unfortunately, once you lose these life points, it does go back to normal. This trick is particularly very useful for Virago when you’re trying to meet the HP threshold to actually face the boss.

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  1. The Therranian Quiver – The Therranian quiver is a reward that you get from completing the elf tasks, and recently it has had some updates which make it very useful. Firstly, a very useful teleport function has been added to the Therranian quiver and that takes you straight to the mushroom patch in the Therranian area. You May Also Like : – How to Make a Shirt on Roblox Platform with some easy tips and tricks.
  2. Now, this is great if you’d like to farm more mushrooms for profit, and it can save a bunch of your time walking from the lodestone. All teleports used from the quiver apart from the death-alter teleport, are now unlimited. Before, it used to be capped at around 5, but now you can teleport to numerous places. This is useful especially for all the clue hunters out there in the game.

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