So what is this new site?

It is entirely not known to us whether iomovies have changed their domain name or made a new site that they are redirecting. But the most important thing is the place is quite useful and similar to the previous site. Following are a few features of the new website that might interest you.


Apparently, it seems that iomovies has completely revived from the death and regenerated themselves as a new site. The first look is quite similar to iomovies, and so are the tabs. Let’s see what the other features are:

Latest movie collection:

The prime focus of any site remains the same. But here the newest movie collection is quite extensive. Not only so while I have been writing this article the site got a new update in between and a few new groups are added.

Detail tags of the movie:

Each movie has been appropriately detailed with tags of director actors. It is a similar feature like iomovies.

Download option:

Besides, the watching is there is a tab called download. As you click there is an option to download the movie

Alternative server

A few checks revealed that there is a minimum of four servers available to stream the film. All the servers are correctly in working condition.

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Tv series

The site is having a handful of tv series. And the episodes are found continuous in the tab. However, we found that the latest episodes ate yet to be uploaded. As we checked “Trust me” we found only two episodes are available at site whereas already four episodes are aired.

Filter and search option

There is an excellent filter option for the movie and TV series. You can choose from the genre and years to filter your search.

Top 2019

Under Top 2019 we found various movies including Bollywood movies also.


Top IMDB section is full of all classic movies.


We started this article dedicating the iomovies fans, and by the end, we believe that there is some air has been poured to their lungs. Altogether a similar site of iomovies must fascinate these users.

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