Summoners War Runes Guide

Runes Guide

Runes are the equipment variant of Summoners War. In RPG game equipment is where you can achieve considerable additional energy. The stronger runes, the more straightforward path you have to follow in Arena and Dungeons battles.

You will also certainly need them to engrave in your monsters and awaken their nature successfully. It is an essential cheat to get success in Carios Dungeons.


Runes for each monster have five distinct rarity levels:

[common] ==> [Magic] ==> [Rare] ==> [Hero] ==> [Legendary]

                         (0)                      (3)                    (6)               (9)                    (12)

The higher its rareness, the more secondary effect the Rune begins to exert. For example, there are no additional impacts on a common Rune; magic has one level rare has two, and accordingly, it is increased.

Runes can also be discovered in any of the rarities earlier in this thread, although Mana Stones can still be propelled to move to the next level. Runes generally vary rarities every three stages, or at 3/6/9/12 periods.

However, if a rune is more rare than common (white runes), it is not possible to switch to the next rarety unless the particular level of this rareness has been reached. A magic rune at stage 0 will not improve rareness until step 6 if it is leveled up to stage 3.

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How to Enhance your runes

Runes can increase their strength, raise rune statistics or add a current status to the Rune at the expense of mana stones.

How a rise varies on the rarity level of the Rune, and more significant rarities usually give more increment.

Up to fifteen runs can be driven while improving the runes. The likelihood of effective power-up depends on the Rune stage when powering up Runes.

A rune from + 1 to + 3 has an achievement rate of 100 points, which drops with each stage subsequently.

Thumb Rules to follow for Runes

Keep away from buying white and green runes. However, you can make an exception to this rule when you are desperately searching for bonuses. Also, the complete set of any rune gives an additional impact. Still, it should be cautiously used unless you are going for Rage, Swift or Violent.

Be informed that Rune that stays in slots 1/3/5 completely makes your sub stats improvement. Enhancement bonus of these is not much deserving if you buy these slot runes. You must consider t2-3 sub-stats at first since these are more required for your monster.

Farming Runes

At the initial stage, you can get Runes of level 1 through farming. However when you enter the battle of Curios Dungeons the possibility of getting 4-5 star runes are the most.

Farming, again and again, is another way how you get any particular rune. After you complete any level and you get Rune if you replay that you can have that still. So when you need to equip different monster Always use this summoners war hack for runes.

Final Words

Runes can impact in your game at the most. Even some five-star monster cannot win a battle if that is not engraved with the proper rarity of runes. Consider all the aspects stated above and you need not worry about wins.