The Walking Dead Road To Survival Major Strategies And Hints


The Walking Dead is a popular name, and now in the mobile game, The Walking Dead Road to Survival is getting popularity as a game.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival is available on android and iOS devices, and the main objective in the game is that players have to kill zombies, complete levels and unlock the characters to play.

It’s a huge game, and there are several levels in the game, if you are willing to progress the game, then you have followed some tips, and there are mentioned below –

Major Strategies To Progress TWDRTS

Takedown the closest walker

Zombies are like a mountain in the game because there is no ending of it. The best thing you can do is in order to kill the zombies that you should kill the nearest zombie to get caught, and later, you can kill the zombies that are in the distance. It is the best way to be protective and safe, and it will be helpful for the whole team as well.

Get the bonus missions and rewards

Many times, The Walking Dead Road to Survival provides free rewards that you should always take, and it does not affect you in any way.

Sometimes there are missions that are small but provide a huge amount of coins, and it is also known as bonus missions.

You should apply to those missions and rewards because it helps a lot. You can unlock some powerful characters as well by completing those missions.

All you just need to check that if this kind of mission is available and if yes, then you can easily apply them as soon as possible.

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Swap the players in battle

There are some moments in the game when you realize that you can just kill the zombies by using one character. In that situation, you can swap the character and use another team member to use its strength to kill the walker and make your team safe from them.

It is important to save the team member as well, and that is why just try to control every team player and keep them alive for every match. It will also help you to earn more.

Understand the skill of your team member

Every player of the game has unique power and strength. All you have to do is play with them and learn how that works and what their way of fighting in front of zombies.

Every zombie is not harmful, so you can control the character and use that in what condition and situation you can use the other team player.

Use the weapons

Weapons are the best part of the game because when you are with the team you just need a weapon that can support you even more, and you can easily kill the zombie from a distance as well.

The majority of payers use the weapons master player like who can control the gun and use it against the far range zombies.