Unique Facts About Age Of Empires

Age of Empire I had not been quite successful due to its low frame rate capacities, unattractive designs, and unnecessary storylines. Age of Empires II is much more compelling, and having way better details and graphics when compared to the previous version.

It’s much more like a simple and straightforward RTS game, but not as fast as action-based games such as Starcraft and Warcraft.

Age of Empires II is inclined more towards the economic side of the gameplay, but battles play a major role here too. There are 4 different resources in the game: food, wood, stone, and gold. Food is used to train the troop units, while wood is utilized for the buildings’ upgrades.

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Stone is pretty much used for stone walls and castles, and also some troops may require stones. Gold, on the other hand, is the most precious in-game currency and is mostly used for buying upgrades and troop units.

The game contains 18 different civilizations and all of them cast 95% of similar characters. But each civilization has one or two special units which are the most effective in that specific civilization. The artistic styles of all the civilizations are different, and each of them is unique in its own attribute. There is also a trading system in the game, using which we can trade cards, vehicles, and resources with our allies.

There are many realistic activities too, such as fishing and boating. The quality of animations in the game is just mind-blowing, and with recent upgrades, the developers are constantly trying to make the game deliver its best performance.

In fact, you can have your own naval unit, which includes a fishing unit, transport ships, bombarding ships, exploding ships, etc. There is a broad map contained inside the game, filled with campaigns and challenges. The campaigns can take up to 4 hours depending on your expertise, but the more interesting fact is the rewards that we receive through such tasks.

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You also have several game modes such as Normal mode (in which you attack and destruct the opponent’s buildings in order to win), Sudden Death, etc. You can also adjust the difficulty level of the campaigns if you feel like doing it. Another legit feature in Age of Empires II is that you can create your own map using the map editor, and play in such maps in the online mode.

Age of Kingdoms II also has an educational tint to it, as most of the events featured in the game have actually happened in the past. It briefly depicts you various cultures from around the globe, using several missions and objectives. In the social segment, the game also features an in-built twitch streaming support.

As it’s a totally cloud-based game, you can form an alliance with people from any corner of the world, and also play with them. Playing in a group also encourages building strategies and moving on progressively.

The game is also not much expensive, as per our latest research, the game costs around the 20$ mark in Steam Community, and around 10$ for gaming consoles.

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