Unique Features About Overwatch Which You Never Knew!

Features of Overwatch Game

Overwatch’s success is built on the basis of its 21 excellent characters and diverse appearances, the origin of personalities and every unique pose that they strike. And even though they’re roughly grouped into 4 different roles, no two of these characters would feel alike.

Some of them can transform into mini-gun turrets for point-to-point defense, and some can play an area denial game by lobbying time grenades over long distances to scare off all the attackers. This feature maintains a good balance between team strategies and a player’s individual choices.

But for availing the true beauty of the game, it’s important that we give it enough time, and try to discover the unexplored.

Mastering Your Weapons Serves You Best

Due to the presence of a bunch of characters, with different skill sets distributed among all, it’s not possible to point out a single weapon for all of them. They all have their expertise in a specific set of tools and have to be provided with the same, in order to max out their performance.

Tracers and machine pistols have a high rate of firing, but very poor accuracy, while the shurikens have a high damage capacity but can’t be used for moving targets as they need more time to travel. This concept of weapons helps differentiate the characters, and for exploring all the characters’ skill sets, it’s important to give in enough time to the game.

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There are a few severely brutal weapon e.g. Steel Trap which immobilizes the enemy and its remote detonator along with the mines can blow the enemies sky-high. It can also act as a tool for escaping difficult fights, and you can even detonate the mine under yourself to fly high and get to inaccessible areas.

Most importantly, the ability to change into any other character during the gameplay, allows you and your team to adapt to the opponent’s tactics on the fly.

Every Map Suits A Specific Set Of Characters

Overwatch’s 12 beautiful maps play a big role in unleashing the best out of a character’s skill set. Maps such as Hanamura beg to have static and active defenses such as Torbjorn’s turrets or Symmetra’s centuries built up around it. In order to travel quickly along the edges of the map, many characters also have higher mobility. This can quicken their attack mechanism before the enemy can even think of retaliating.

Choosing a character becomes extremely handy in case of team play, because you’re assigned a single role, and you can learn how to excel in it completely. Because this game is a 6v6 FPS, it’s required that each and every player of a team follows the perfect strategy that has been distributed among the team members.

Overwatch needs tight focus and brisk pacing to every encounter, And above everything else, the maps will never seem boring even after playing for a million times; thanks to the interesting and meaningful character-specific dialogues.

Although Overwatch is not that a great option if you’re an admirer of more realistic games such as PUBG, but it’s surely worth a try. It’s characters’ skill mapping and accessibility options stand out from any other FPS games available. It also does a good job of matching players into a team with similar skills and experience levels. The post-match highlights featuring system is another treat to the players.

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