Unique Features About Skyrim That Will Blow Your Mind

Features of Skyrim Game

Inside the huge open-world game of Skyrim, there are various secrets and unique features that I’m sure nobody has ever informed you about. In this article, we’re going to be unfolding a bunch of such highly interesting aspects of the game that will surely boggle your mind like nothing else, and urge you to play the game again.

Skyrim Features That Are Unknown to Users

Here are some of the best skyrim features one may do not know about. Check them out below.

The mystery behind the Puzzle Doors:-

The puzzle doors in Skyrim are the ones in which you line up symbol shown on a jewel-encrusted claw that make the incredibly ornate doors slide open. Although it seems to be deceptively simple, but there’s a specific reason for this.

In the book ‘Death of A Wanderer’, it has been clearly mentioned that such doors are not built to keep adventurers out, but to avoid the undead hordes of the Draugr from escaping. This is the reason why you can’t observe such hordes casually walking around the city of Whiterun.

An indication of the Giant’s mammoths:-

Even though from far it’s not fairly visible, but mammoths owned by giants have marked tusks. If you see a mammoth walking around Skyrim, there’s a pretty good chance of a giant lurking right near it to hunt adventurers down.

Skyrim’s map is formulated in real-time:-

Even though it’s unbelievable for a virtual entity, but the map of Skyrim keeps changing eventually, according to the real-time events happening at the place that you’re looking at. E.g. you can watch a distant glow of a dragon unleashing fire from its gaping mouth. Hats off to the developers of this game, who have added such high precision and details to the graphics and simulation.

You can create an Aurora effect in the sky by yourself:-

The clear sky shout can be used during the night-time to dissipate clouds and create an absolutely stunning Aurora effect in the sky. Especially in the night, it creates an amazing mood to wander on the frozen landscapes.

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Sovangarde’s astonishing sky:-

While travelling through Skyrim’s epic campaign, you’ll eventually have to take a trip to Sovangarde. It’s a really beautiful and calm place, with the sky burning with crimson light, almost similar to the background colour of the skills’ screen in the game. No one knows the perfect reason for this, but many people think that this is just a mere coincidence.

The most prominent way to kill a fish:-

By using the powerful force shell while being underwater, and as fishes don’t stay still, you can smash them to death. If you want to catch plenty of bigger and higher yielding fishes, the Dragonborn can come to help. Point your character towards a fish, and use the unrelenting force shout. The fishes will all float to the surface, making it possible to catch them easily.

Health potions hidden in solitude:-

It’s really strange to observe, but it’s the unbelievable reality of the game, that health potions are stranded all across the city of Solitude. But they are all kept hidden and perched on ledges and inside houses. You may also need a few arrows to dislodge them in order to be collected. Many people say that the weird potions are meant for a darker brotherhood quest, but nobody seems to be sure enough about it.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and start playing Skyrim on your Windows PC, PS3/4, Xbox 360/One or Nintendo Switch, and discover even more unexplored fantasies!