VLC Media Player: Complete Guide


When it comes to the best media player for Windows PC, VLC media player tops the list always. The VLC media player is prevalent among users due to its lightweight performance, incredible editing effects, quality of videos and audios and especially the outstanding bugs-free performance.

Since the latest update, VLC has become more quick, lightweight, and bug-free. To know more about it and its features, read the article below.

Features of VLC Media Player

1.     Incredible video effect

Everyone wants a Media player which can play videos on good quality, and VLC media player has already touched this milestone.

Not only you can play good quality videos, but there are tons of video effects in this media player where you can adjust the image, crop your video, transformation, functional magnifying capacity, change colours, modify images and rotate videos, etc. With the help of all these cool features, you can give your videos a great look.

2.    The screenshot hotkey

A very distinct feature in VLC media player is when you pause a video, the video freeze in the frame and resume instantly without breaking pixels.

This feature of VLC media player is handy as it enables you to take a screenshot from videos.  So when you pause a video, you can take a screenshot of that image by going to the video list. If you want to take a video while playing it, you can take a screenshot just by using the hotkeys assigned to take the screenshot.

3.     Recording through webcam

Recording video through webcam is another excellent feature in VLC media player. All you have to do is to find the webcam device under the capture device in Media menu, and the webcam will begin capturing the video straight away.  This feature allows users to capture live moments directly from their PC.

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4.     Logo attachment

This feature makes this video player stands out among all as it enables you to add a logo to your image. This feature will help people who want to make a presentation for their company and want to attach their logo on it.

You can add the logo by just clicking the video effects list, and the details will be filled to provide for you. Just fill the details about where to put the logo, size of it, etc. and end of the tusk.

5.     Video Rotation

You can also rotate your video in VLC media player,  with a click in the video rotation option from the video effects list and enjoy rotating your video in any direction.

6.     Magnifying capacity

VLC media player offers a tremendous magnifying ability.  By clicking on the zoom option under the geometry menu, your image can be zoomed in or zoomed out at excellent quality.

A window will appear a top corner of the image, and by clicking on it, you can zoom wherever you want.

7.     The sharpness of the video

The sharpness of the video can also adjusted only through clicking on the primary menu and changing your sharpness level as per your needs.

This feature helps you to set the sharpness of the video so you can give your video a bright and great look.